Sunday, January 9, 2011

25 February – 18 March 2010 - Varkala, Kerala - the town and places around

Varkala, the town, is noticeably cleaner than any other Indian city on the north. It is also very colorful and I may not be objective, but I think that Varkala buses are the most colorful! Some architectural items and signboards on the streets had made me smile quite a few times... 
One day we made a tour around the town. There is a beautiful lake within a few kilometers from the town and we saw picturesque fishermen houses around it, built just between the palm trees. 
Also between the palms is St. Sebastian's church, beautiful and big enough to admit all Christians of Varkala town. 
Back at North Cliff, we took a cooking class one evening. So now Thierry knows all the secrets of fish molee!
I did not mentioned in my previous post that I visited a homeopath doctor (as he calls himself) at North Cliff. Note the only book on his table, the Lonely Planet Guide... 
Soon we will leave Kerala and India. And like many other places we have been to, people we met in Varkala will always stay in our minds. 




  1. great photo reportage, i just find this blog and i like it :)


  2. Thank you! You can follow my blog, I promise to update it :)