Friday, December 16, 2011

13-18 April 2010 – Indonesia, Bali, Kuta

We took an AirAsia flight from Singapore to Denpasar, provincial capital of Bali. After a short taxi ride we were in Kuta, a former fishing village, now a popular tourist destination, especially for surfers.
We stayed in a lovely budget mini hotel on the Poppies Lane 1, close enough to the beach and far enough from the clubs and bars not to be bothered by party noise. There was a nice swimming pool and a patio area…

When I think back of Kuta, I remember smiley people, sweet-scented flowers, delicious food and pine-apple smoothie, humid hot sunny days and heavy rains, fishermen boats on the shore, Australian and Swedish young guys everywhere, shops (handicraft, used books from any country you can imagine, pirate DVDs, swimming wear, flip-flops and so on). I could not resist and bought a couple of necklaces, so they will remind me of Bali. 

One of those midnight rains:

For the first time in my life I went for rafting, and you know what, guys? I loved it!

Next destination - Ho Chi Min, Vietnam!

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