Thursday, February 18, 2010

17-21 February 2010 – Udaipur, Rajastan

With curved, airy palaces, narrow streets, lakes, trees in blossom, Udaipur is called ‘the most romantic city’ in India. I totally agree. Udaipur is fabulous. We spent 4 days there and in spite of forthcoming trip, we did not want to leave.

The hotel where we stayed, Anjani, is within 5 minutes walk from the City Palace and Jagdish Temple. The interior is in typical Udaipur style, white walls, carved balconies. We had a terrace with a lovely city view in our room, a perfect place for afternoon chillout! 



Jagdish Temple

Completed in 1651, its external walls and dome are decorated with carvings of Gods.


Spices, fruits, woven baskets, clothes, you may find everything here.

Park that Maharana built for his daughter

This is locals’ favorite place for walks and quality time with kids. As usual, I was photographed, on the quiet and openly. One couple asked us to pose with them on a photo. They were flattered when I took a picture of them both. 

Symbolic graves of Udaipur’s Maharanas, impressing with their solidity and architectural sophistication. 

Now some of my observations of the city life:


A common dialogue on the street:
- Rickshaw?
- No, thanks.
- Smoke joint?
Apparently, every other rickshaw driver is in grass smuggling business.

Four days later we left Udaipur in the night train. Our next destination was Mumbai. I guess some of you are curious to see Nastya-the-traveller:

Unfortunately, only few photographs of Udaipur were saved. Why, I will tell you in the next part.


  1. Good post and interesting facts.By the way, you are gorgeous, would've loved to see the world with you.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Anonymous. Sorry, but virtual travel with me through my travel notes is all I can offer. I already have a perfect travel partner, who is far more than just a travel mate!

  3. Thats a great post, with some equally interesting photographs!Keep posting some more stories from India if you have..
    All the best for your next travel adventures..


  4. Thanks, Arnab. I will keep my posts coming but no more India though (yet). There will be Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Russia.