Wednesday, December 25, 2013

24 April 2010 - Cần Thơ Bridge opening

This was unplanned and unexpected. We were going to Can Tho to continue our Mekong Delta tour when we noticed that traffic was becoming jammed. And then our guide announced: we were going to witness the opening of Can Tho bridge.
Some dry facts about the bridge: it is currently the longest main span cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia and the most expensive in Vietnam. It is 2.75 km long.
This is how it started:

Saturday, December 21, 2013

23-26 April 2010 - Mekong delta trip. Chùa Hang Pagoda

It was day 3 of our Mekong Delta tour. I did not remember any mention of Chùa Hang Pagoda when booking the tour, so it was a pleasant surprise, especially after a few hours spent in the bus.
Chùa Hang Pagoda is located on Sam mountain, in Chau Doc, close to Cambodian border. Let me tell you, it was probably the most peaceful place I have been to...

23-26 April 2010 - Mekong delta trip, or life on the water. Rice noodles and coconut candies

During our trip along Mekong Delta, we had several stops. One of them was to demonstrate a traditional method of making rice noodles. Do you know how they are made? I had no clue. Now I do.

Once the 'dough' is prepared, it is spread in a large circular and super thin sheet:

Then it will be covered and left to be precooked for a few minutes:

23-26 April 2010 - Mekong delta trip, or life on the water. Part 2

As we were waiting for our boat, I took a picture of those boat operators enjoying their morning 'siesta'. It was already hot at 9 a.m.

Boats, scooters, and bicycles, everywhere, anywhere. Note pioneer's red scarves (hello from the Soviet Union!)