Wednesday, November 30, 2011

8-13 April 2010: Singapore. Clarke Quay, meeting old friend and the night safari

You have seen some pictures of my favorite place in Singapore, Clarke Quay, in the previous post. We came back there again, to have a dinner at Hooters' - the food was yummy! Later, in New York, we came to Hooters' hoping to get the same delicious food - and see the girls, of course, and none of them was as good as at Clarke Quay.

Oh, look what I found! Mado, famous Turkish ice cream, and the guy was making that traditional performance, teasing me before giving up, or giving ice cream to me... It was so much fun!

Singapore metro on Sunday night. Absolutely empty.

One evening, we met Florentino and his wife, Emma - we used to work together back in Kazakhstan. We had a nice dinner in downtown and then they showed us a lounge bar at the top of a hotel, with an incredible view on the city...

We heard a lot about night safari in Singapore. To be honest, it is rather a 'miss' than a 'must'. Animals are to far away, the shows with animals were nothing worth seeing but I did like the fire show (and it was the only place where I could take photos - no flash in front of wild animals!):


  1. Красивый ночной город :) Выступление, наверное, завораживало)

  2. Да, выступление оказалось самым интересным из всего, что предлагалось в парке NIght Safari - я не могла оторваться :)