Tuesday, April 17, 2012

23-26 April 2010 - Mekong delta trip, or life on the water. Part 1.

Our next destination was Cambodia, and we thought that the best way to get there and explore a bit of Vietnam would be Mekong delta trip. It lasted for 3 days and two nights, and I am so grateful to Thierry for persuading me into the trip as I had some doubts due to my most-likely-seasickness. All went well! No seasickness victims onboard.
Here are some shots of what I saw. More to follow.


  1. I found your page on flickr. You are a great photographer. How do you get such beautiful colors ? I've got the same camera and lenses like you, but your pics look sooo much prettier ♥

  2. Great pictures! Very different world so looks that the trip was amazing... I'm waiting for part II