Saturday, December 21, 2013

23-26 April 2010 - Mekong delta trip, or life on the water. Rice noodles and coconut candies

During our trip along Mekong Delta, we had several stops. One of them was to demonstrate a traditional method of making rice noodles. Do you know how they are made? I had no clue. Now I do.

Once the 'dough' is prepared, it is spread in a large circular and super thin sheet:

Then it will be covered and left to be precooked for a few minutes:

Then it is time to take it out and place on the grid to cool down and dry:

And now, time to cut it! The guy in sombrero is our guide:

This is how they make coconut candies, from coconut gathering to packaging candies:

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  1. Nice pics :) Was It a good guided tour and do you remember the name of the tour?