Tuesday, February 23, 2010

21-22 February 2010 – Mumbai (Bombay)

I’d say, only foreigners use a new name. For locals this city is called Bombay.
Slums… 55% of city population live in the slums. Dharavi, one of the largest slum districts in Asia, is spread between west and central railway lines. 800,000 people reside here. Slums were the first thing we saw on the way from the train station to the hotel.
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Bombay does not look like a typical Indian city. There are pedestrian paths, European-style dressed girls,McDonalds, and shopping malls open till 22.00. Here I was tempted to get a henna tattoo.

This is the way Bombay looks for me: 

Covered façade of Taj Mahal Hotel reminded me of November 2008 events.

India Gate is an arc at the sea shore founded in 1911. Due to World War I its construction was completed only in 1924. And in 2010 it is surrounded by air-balloons vendors, pigeons, annoying taxi drivers offering city tours. 

Jain Temple
One of the basic principles in Jainism is ‘do no harm to any living creature’. Therefore one should take his shoes off when entering the temple. You will certainly notice a person sweeping the floor here, to remove insects from the stairs, and passages, and save them from the death under visitors’ feet rather than for the sake of cleanness.

Hanging Gardens. The name of this park is still a mystery for me but the park itself is very good.

Mani Bhavan is a house at Laburnum Street where Mahatma Gandhi had been living and working from   1917 to 1934.

Now, about an unpleasant part. My photo camera was stolen in Bombay. I dont want to go into details. I I was completely crushed. Not only it was important for me, but it contained two presents (camera and lens) from close people. I am extremely grateful to Thierry for giving me his camera, so my subsequent reports will not be just my boring texts.    

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  1. How was your camera stolen? From your room or off your person? I would be terribly crushed as well if that happened to me. Sorry to hear that happened!